ABOUT the artist

Being a creative personality since childhood, Anna expressed it in many ways: singing, dancing, organising little concerts and shows for friends and family, designing outfits for her barbie dolls and, later, for herself.

Then, in her teen years, the future artist discovered photography and it took her heart forever. She was mesmerised with what an amazing tool it is to freeze the moment in life, to capture an unforgettable emotion, to emphasise the beauty of the nature and a human.


It all started with point-and-shoot cameras and creative photo sessions for her friends and herself to recreate the photos of artists, actors, singers that she admired, and, later in her early 20s, she borrowed a DSLR from her aunt and went on a trip to Florida, USA.

She couldn’t stop taking pictures of the people around her and was charmed and inspired by the diversity of humans over there. That’s when she realised that she was going to make photography her professional craft.

Anna’s main focus and what she admires the most is human diversity and capturing the personality of a human being through the portrait, using angles, emotion, style, and color.

Photographer believes that we are all beautiful in our own ways, and it brings her the most joy to be able to capture that beauty.

Anna has worked in quite a few countries, such as Ukraine, Spain, USA, UAE, etc, so, even being a Ukrainian, she considers herself a citizen of the world and an international artist.


Her partnerships&clients include International influencers, youtubers, actors, clothing brands, magazines, as well as just amazing people that she meets along her way.


The artist has also recently had her first exhibition in Barcelona, in June 2022, which was a huge success.

She keeps on learning&growing in her art each day as well as sharing it with the world.


Anna Kay is now based out of Los Angeles, California.